Wealth Matrix Sessions with Farhana:

One-on-One Sessions for Entreprenuers

Transformation in life, biz, money

Work one-on-one with me to shift patterns, responses, your emotional & relational well-being, your relationship with money and the impact of trauma.

So that you have more internal capacity, to focus on whats important, aren't impacted by past experiences, trolls, and fears and you operate from high performance, success, freedom, joy and inner-peace, so that you reach your goals with ease.

I am a Psychologist for over 20 years, a Success & Money Mindset Mentor, helping business owners navigate challenges, expand into their next steps as they scale with more joy, emotional & mental capacity, and mastery, while being fully human.

Wealth Matrix Sessions

💫 enable high performance, self mastery, emotional mastery and create more joy, success, inner peace, self-trust and capacity to expand in life, love and biz

💫 create an empowered money mindset,

💫 interrupt patterns, limiting beliefs, automatic responses,

💫shift the impact of trauma, past experiences and beliefs

💫navigate challenges and joys of running and scaling your business

💫Re-pattern your brain's responses to trolls, bullies and copy-cats. Have more capacity and less emotions as you navigate them

💫 Expand and embody your next level

Wealth Matrix 1-1 Options:

My prices are in USD and ZAR.

To know more about the Modalities used, please visit my website: www.farhana-goga.com

45 minute session

Crack your Money Code

An exciting opportunity for you to crack your money code and personality, using the information from your Sacred Money Archetype ® Assessment.

We look at your gifts, challenges, your money personality as well as applying it in an area of your life today to create a more empowered relationship with money.

You Take the Sacred Money Assessment (free)

You get your top 3 archetype PDF's which make up your blueprint.

Create your Empowered Relationship with Money today.

$333 (R6300 in South Africa)

90 minute session

Adhoc Session as you Need

Need to just quickly hop on and work through an issue?

Hop on to this one, and we can:

💫Shift a response/pattern/belief

💫Talk through an issue

💫Regulate your nervous system

💫prepare you for a presentation

💫do a constellation

$777 (R14 500), 5 day voxer support

Brainspotting Intensive or Future You 2.0 or Sacred Money ArcheType Program

6 sessions

Future You 2.0 Step into the new identity you have been craving!

Brainspotting is revolutionary. Using our eyes, we gain direct access to the brain.

Your brain wants you to heal and thrive. It stores all the data that prevents that and also the pathway to ensuring you thrive.

It just needs focused attention to help you do it. We shift the pathways of your brain and create new ones at the same time.

We can heal the past, change your trauma responses, work on your money issues, patterns or expand to embody your next level.

$2222 (R42 000) Voxer support M - Thurs

12 Session Activator

Go Deep

In this 12 session process, we go really deep.

You can use it as you feel will be the most helpful, whether that's:

💫A life, biz, money audit

💫 healing the past

💫 working through some of your Money personality your money blocks, stories trauma

💫 working on a few specific issues

💫 creating more capacity, joy, inner peace

💫shifting grief, trauma, unhelpful patterns, trauma responses, blocks

💫expansion, receiving and connecting to your higher self

💫intergenerational healing

💫ongoing support

We work it out, and dive in deep.

You get voxer access in between

$4500 R85 000 (limited time: 5 people: $3333 OR R60 000 - you would need to give me a testimonial)

Monthly Retainer 60 - 90 min

On Going Support

You have me in your pocket for this one!

We meet twice a month, and you have access to me via voxer as needed.

Your therapist, coach and biggest supported in your pocket.

Minimum 6 months support

$1111/month (R22000)

My approach & Some Tools

My Subconscious Transformation + Conscious Alignment = Results Framework(™) is top-down, bottom-up and involves rewiring, re-patterning and expansion of the Brain-Body, heart, soul system so you get the results you desire. And have even more emotional mastery, inner peace, joy and success.

By doing the inner work as a Business Owner: addressing unresolved issues, learning to navigate challenges in a new way, re-patterning the automatic responses, we smash your limits, re-wire your core-identity, connect to the part of you which has already achieved your goals, help the parts who may be scared, or doubt, so that you have more capacity, energy and joy to focus on what you love, and the goals you are desire. Then we get you achieving those with gusto, a regulated nervous system, which allows you to go from strength to strength feel safe, secure and connected while doing so.

So that we truly live in fulfilment, with capacity, focus and self trust. We use talking, and also the tools, as needed, below.


Using the eyes, as a window to the brain, we give the brain the space to go where it needs to, as you shift through trauma, expand into the possibility of you, shift unwanted behaviours, work through imposter syndrome and so much more.


Using protools, we work with the thought processes to effect a release from the symptomatic pattern that keeps us locked in the subconscious unhelpful patterns of reactions, behaviours, beliefs, identity.

Systemic Constellations

Constellations reveal an unrecognized dynamic that spans multiple generations, or hidden elements in a situation/ family/system and to resolve the effects of that dynamic, and make way for the new

Heart Science

Our heart is an access point to a source of wisdom and intelligence that we can call upon to live our lives with more balance, greater creativity and enhanced intuitive capacities.

Our brain and our heart communicate all the time. Our heart has a magnetic field at least 5x more than the brain.


Using the Meridians, we acknowledge thoughts and feelings as they are, which then creates the opportunity of them shifting and creating more inner capacity, and new external actions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


Using Hypnotherapy, Visualisation, meditation, we tap into the core origins of a thought, feeling, belief OR tap into the higher consciousness, to release the hold, and create something new

Parts Work

We all have internal parts. Parts that protect us, younger parts, parts that are scared and vulnerable. By working with these parts, we can make them feel safe, so that we can truly step into our full potential.

Soul Science

Our Soul can also be linked to our future self. By connecting to our soul, we can bring that wisdom and guidance to the here and now.

About Me

Hi, I'm Farhana! I'm a Wealth Matrix Mentor. I help service based business owners & online entrepreneurs with big visions, and spiritual awareness or deep training with Self Mastery, Emotional regulation, joy, trust and quantum self leaps, so that they navigate challenges and scale, while having inner peace, joy, self trust, emotional and relational well-being.

I've been a Psychologist for over 20 years, and have run a business for at least 15 years.

I grew up in Apartheid South Africa, in a non-traditional muslim home. I have a rich heritage of Muslim, Jewish, Christian blood (Russian, Indian, Dutch and Irish)

If you are a business owner and Entrepreneur, you have big dreams. You have a desire to leave a legacy.

Whether you are starting out, or have a 7 figure business, you will encounter inner, and outer challenges.

These include mindset, traumatic experiences, comments from others, not trusting or believing in yourself, fears, unhelpful automatic responses, feeling stuck, frozen, or people pleasing.

You can get past these, with ease and focused attention.


I love working with science and spiritual and that's what the session was. The best thing was also that it was future based. Where I wanted to go next. As entrepreneurs we always feel we on the cusp of the next up level. I was on a cusp of my next up level, in my life and my business. We at a point of rewriting our value system as a family. It can be a little bit intimidating , it can be a little bit scary from a self trust perspective, not only to lead yourself, but also to lead your children, and your business. In the session I had such a profound shift in my self self-trust. And I could actually visualise what I have been scared to before. It was such a simple and straight-forward approach to getting the results I desire. She has this amazing energy where you feel really really safe in and so neutral

Gaby Abrams: Success Coach

Working with Farhana on nervous system regulation was super interesting. Our body has its own brain. In the session family stuff came up and boundaries. It's so interesting how it's all connected. Ever since our session I feel more calm, more grounded, more at ease, less triggered and really expanded into this new level of me. I feel on top of my game more than ever. What would have crippled me didn't. I feel really empowered and ready for the next level. She is so embodied, and really held the space so my system could do what it needed.

Rebecca Lima: Business Coach


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