Farhana Goga's 1-1 Sessions: Wealth Matrix and Therapy

Healing, Transformation & Expansion in life, biz, money

Wealth Matrix 1-1: for the ambitious business owner

You know that your personal development, your inner evolution leads to more and more business and personal success and satisfaction.

Wealth = money, love, health, joy, strategic authentic self expression

💫 You have worked on your trauma and past patterns (or not) and you are looking for the next level personal development and expansion.

You know that support, being strategic about relationships is key.

You notice that even though you have done all the work, there are still patterns that keep coming up, and it's soooo frustrating.

💫 Or perhaps you know there is some things in your past you still need to heal. You know that doing the work is important.

The past can be your childhood or adult experiences, it could be linked to your ancestors, or perhaps even your past life. Your heart and soul is calling out to you, and you may be equal parts ready and petrified to jump into its call.

💫 You gasp as you let yourself drift into the truth about who you know you really are, and past the veil.

You wonder if people will judge you, be disappointed when they realise you are just human, and if you will be alone.

💫 If you have Money Trauma, Blocks and Patterns that trip you up (this can happen at any income level), we work specifically with the emotional barriers, patterns of spending, and expansion you desire. I am trained specifically in Money Mindset and Well-being.

💕 But you know that if you don't get past the fear, and embrace who you really are and here to be, you will always be frustrated and anxious!


In Wealth Matrix 1-1 sessions, I work with ambitious business owners to over come emotional barriers to success and embrace & embody their core true identity and expand their capacity to hold the more they are.

✨ We activate self trust to be who they know they are and achieve the success they know is there's.

✨ We create new neural-pathways,

✨We clear and activate the Wealth Matrix

✨ We work with your body so that it can hold your expansion.

✨ We shift patterns, responses, your emotional & relational well-being, your relationship and patterns with money, the impact of trauma and step into the inevitable space of achieving your goals, with more inner capacity, connection, focus and joy.

✨ You get the support you crave and strategically navigate your relationships while you activate and embody your dreams

There are 3 offers in this: once off sessions; a 4 week package and a 10 week package.

Therapy : Available to the general publicj in South Africa

In my Psychology Practice, I work with the general public. These are 50 minute therapeutic sessions.

💫 These amazing individuals, are navigating difficult life challenges, transitions and most of all wanting personal development and evolution.

💫 They often arrive to my practice feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or disconnected from themselves, or their partner. Most of my clients just know that there is a continuous need for support and evolution through life changes, ones life-span and continuous expansion.

💫 A life event has interrupted their well-being, or they anticipate a difficult life choice ahead of them, or life's transitions are making them question their meaning and impacting their purpose and drive, or they truly love support in their journey of life.

Is that you?

✨ Do you find yourself caught in patterns that you can't seem to break free from, no matter how hard you try?

✨ And you are longing for more?

More Self-love, more achievement, more joy, more freedom, more connection, more meaning?​And know that it is possible? You willing to do the inner work and reach for your dreams.​

✨ Has life done what life does, and thrown a curve ball?

✨ Is your life stage bringing up life's challenges and you need a sounding board as you find a new way?


I’m Farhana Goga
I specialise in adult therapy and couples counselling, offering a holistic approach to mental health that integrates traditional psychotherapy with lifestyle and wellness coaching.

I integrate brain, heart and relationship intelligence, so that you can heal, overcome limiting beliefs, create new meaning and activate a fulfilled life as you step into your full potential.​

You can find new meaning, new purpose and find your joy and your new way and truth again.

💫 Whether you're dealing with grief, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, transitions, work challenges, or best of all, seeking personal growth/fullfiment, we can get you where you wish to be.​

Embrace the journey towards healing and transformation with an experienced professional by your side. These 50 minute therapeutic sessions. Fee is R1600/session, weekly sessions are advised.

​I have limited weekly sessions available for couples, email me to check if I am taking new couples in.

Therapy with me covers 4 main areas:

💕Healing 💕 Growing 💕Thriving 💕Navigating Life's challenges

The life that you desire is possible for you, it really is, you have to heal the things in its way, and then take the bold, courageous choice and action to live the life you desire.

My approach

💕 Wealth Matrix 1-1

Subconscious Transformation + Conscious Alignment = Results & Freedom Framework(™)

My framework is top-down, bottom-up and involves healing, wiring, re-patterning and expansion of the Brain-Body system, heart and, system so you get the results, freedom and joy you desire. And have even more emotional mastery, inner peace, and success.

✨ Inner Success Work

By doing the inner work as a Business Owner: addressing unresolved issues, learning to navigate challenges in a new way, re-patterning the automatic responses, we smash your limits, re-wire your core-identity, connect to the part of you which has already achieved your goals, help the parts who may be scared, or doubt...

So that you have more capacity, energy and joy to focus on what you love, and the goals, and success you are desire.

Then we get you achieving those with gusto, an onboard nervous system, which allows you to go from strength to strength feel safe, secure and connected while doing so. So that you truly live in fulfilment, with capacity and self trust.

✨ Money Trauma, Blocks, Well-being and Expansion

Knowing your Unique Money blueprint (using the Sacred Money Archetype ® Assessment) is the start to your evolving relationship with money. It gives you your unique strengths and pitfalls.

You may already know yours, and have already put things in place, to navigate pitfalls and embrace your strengths, however, you may notice spending patterns, investment fears, debt patterns that still creep in.

You get frustrated with your partners patterns and want to know how to strategically work with them. We totally do this is in our 1-1 Wealth Matrix sessions.

💕 Therapy

I am a Counselling Psychologist, since 2011.

I specialise in individual therapy & have trained intensively in couples counselling.

I offer a holistic approach to mental health integrating talk therapy with wellness coaching, brain, heart and relationship intelligence, so that you can heal, lead an impactful, fulfilled life and step into your full potential.

Whether you're dealing with anxiety, trauma, grief, relationship issues, transitions, work challenges, or seeking personal growth, we can heal and get you where you wish to be.

Embrace the journey towards healing and transformation with an experienced professional by your side.

We heal grief, the impact of trauma, past experiences, relationship patterns so that you get fully step into living a life that is effective, impactful and fulfilling, regardless of the curve-balls that may come along.

​I have limited weekly sessions available for couples, email me to check if I am taking new couples in.

I have a beautiful 2 day couples intensive for R40 000 - it is a beautiful gift for couples wanting to create deeper connection, email to apply.


If you are in South Africa, and are a business owner, wanting to shift emotional barriers to success and step into your future you, you need to do my Wealth Matrix option. I do not work as deeply on these issues in therapy.

I ONLY work on Money in The School of Expansion (1-1 or group), even if you are not a business owner.

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Using the eyes, as a window to the brain, we give the brain the space to go where it needs to, as you shift through trauma, expand into the possibility of you, shift unwanted behaviours, work through imposter syndrome and so much more.


Using protools, we work with the thought processes to effect a release from the symptomatic pattern that keeps us locked in the subconscious unhelpful patterns of reactions, behaviours, beliefs, identity


Systemic Constellations

Constellations reveal an unrecognized dynamic that spans multiple generations, or hidden elements in a situation/ family/system and to resolve the effects of that dynamic, and make way for the new


Our heart is an access point to a source of wisdom and intelligence that we can call upon to live our lives with more balance, greater creativity and enhanced intuitive capacities.

Our brain and our heart communicate all the time. Our heart has a magnetic field at least 5x more than the brain.


Using the Meridians, we acknowledge thoughts and feelings as they are.

This then creates the opportunity of them shifting and creating more inner capacity, and new external actions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


Using Hypnotherapy, Visualisation, meditation, we tap into the core origins of a thought, feeling, belief

OR tap into the higher consciousness, to release the hold, and create something new

Parts Work

We all have internal parts. Parts that protect us, younger parts, parts that are scared and vulnerable. The part that knows whats possible for you.

By working with these parts, we can make them feel safe, so that we can truly step into our full potential.

Soul Science

Our Soul can also be linked to our future self.

By connecting to our soul, we can bring that wisdom and guidance to the here and now.

Sacred Money Archetypes ®

Your relationship with money - your thoughts and habits - and the best way for you to make money depends on your money personality.

Your money personality is shaped by your unique combination of the eight Sacred Money Archetypes®.

About Me

Hi, I'm Farhana! I'm a Psychologist, and Wealth Matrix Mentor.

I have never been a traditional therapist. Nor have had a very traditional life.

I grew up in Apartheid South Africa, in a non-traditional muslim home. I have a rich heritage of Muslim, Jewish, Christian ancestry (Russian, Indian, Dutch and Irish)

I have never done anything really that was just run of the mill. I arrived in the world, spiritual, curious, eager to learn all about healing, expansion, relationships.

I studied and certified so so so much, including Relationship Intelligence (Gottman, Tantra, EFT, EcCT), HeartMath, Hypnosis, BWRT, Brainspotting, Metaphysics, Energy work, Parts work, Enneagram, MBTI, Trauma, Sacred Money Archetypes, to name some!

As such, my practice has always been about personal development and I have always attracted and worked with business owners, leaders, thought leaders, influential people - people who have impact and who on some level understand that their personal journey ripples into the lives of their families, friends and those they interact with.

That is the foundation of my psychology practice, where we heal, transform and grow in life's challenges and transitions.

I am incredible grateful to have impacted so many people, and the ripple effect that has. Through my therapy practice, we heal, re-wire, re-program, gently and consciously explore our shadows, we expand, we find ways of creating more capacity, more impact and all while still taking care of oneself, and ones family, as without that, we are living in our wounds and our shadows.

But there was something missing. I could not speak nor fully incorporate all that I do in the scope of “therapy” I needed to have more freedom to bring more of me into the space with clients, the work I do and how I talk about it.

With this as my backdrop, it makes sense that the Wealth Matrix Academy was born.

I work with business owners, leaders, healers at any stage of business.

We clear the emotional barriers to success, shift the trauma, create neural pathways that support your dreams, and neutralise out-dated patterns, activate, expand and embody the wealth matrix...

So that you can have more results, freedom and joy.

I will continue having therapy practice for South African clients for this year, alongside my global Wealth Matrix Academy.

(South Africans can work with me 1-1 in either the therapy or the Wealth Matrix Academy)

Working with me, means you get all of my experience:

💕 the gentle holding space of a therapist,

💕 the healer who knows you can shift, and knows how to hold the space and keep you safe, and go at a pace your system is able to, and

💕the neural-activator who knows how to create the neural pathways that will lead you forward.

We can go to the past, present and future. You can work with me 1-1 or in a group setting


I love working with science and spiritual and that's what the session was. The best thing was also that it was future based. Where I wanted to go next. As entrepreneurs we always feel we on the cusp of the next up level. I was on a cusp of my next up level, in my life and my business. We at a point of rewriting our value system as a family. It can be a little bit intimidating , it can be a little bit scary from a self trust perspective, not only to lead yourself, but also to lead your children, and your business. In the session I had such a profound shift in my self self-trust. And I could actually visualise what I have been scared to before. It was such a simple and straight-forward approach to getting the results I desire. She has this amazing energy where you feel really really safe in and so neutral

Gaby Abrams

Working with Farhana has been the most effective work I have done in over 10 YEARS. I feel I have healed some profound personal issues and deep blocks. The techniques she uses are really geared toward personal change which then catapults you forward, both your personal and business life. I would not be where I am today without the work we have done together in a year. I am deeply grateful for the space she provides and what we created together. I feel grounded and free in my life, and clear about my business. We worked on family issues; relationship break-up and being ready; money; masculine/feminine and business expansion.

Justine Johnson

Email: Farhana@farhana-goga.com

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